Monday, July 21, 2014


This website is dedicated first of all to the souls of my parents, whose memory has sustained me through the hardships of my life. I also dedicate the book I wrote stating my life story to all my fellow prisoners at Tuol Sleng prison and to all the other millions of people who died during the three years, eight months, and twenty days. And it is also dedicated to the generations of Cambodians to come, as a reminder of what can happen, and has happened, in our country: unbelievable horrors committed by their own people, especially the Khmer leaders, namely Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, Khiev Samphan, Nuon Chea that I hope will never be repeated.

I am very grateful to Youk Chhang, director and the staff of the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) who have worked so hard to preserve the history of the Khmer Rouge years, and who showed such generosity in helping me with publishing the book. In addition I extend my thanks, to Sim Sorya, Kim Sroy, Sok Visal and Men Pechet as well as to Seth Mydans and Mariko Takayasu for their kind help with the text.


The Survivor


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  2. Dear Chum Mey
    I recently read your book during a journey to Cambodia then visited S21 and the killing fields. I cannot imagine your suffering nor that of the millions of souls who suffered during that terrible period. I am an Australian poet and I was compelled to write.
    My poem Barbed Wire and Frangipani follows. I shall include this poem in my next book.
    Kindest regards and peace to you
    Donna Edwards

    Barbed Wire and Frangipani

    Hidden bombs rained
    Five hundred thousand ton
    Forming moon crater valleys

    Who can blame them
    Fleeing to red hope

    What deranged dogma
    A nation deceived

    Families shattered
    Monks sacrificed
    Random suspects photographed shackled then tortured
    Most were slaving
    Intellect and peasant
    None could speak
    All were starving

    Millions died without comfort
    Bereft of ceremony

    Now butterflies flutter in killing fields
    While unexhumed restless souls appear in monsoon

    Protected by the bombers
    Resident evil was never brought to justice
    Rationalised as thwarting yet another vacuum

    As sunken eyes despair
    Skulls bare witness
    To sordid crimes against humanity

    Requiem tears of anguish remain unquenchable.