Saturday, July 16, 2016

Life as an orphan at Ba Phnom

When I was about 10, I went to live with my oldest brother, Ka-ek and his family in Ba Phnom. We called the place Chheu Kach mountain. All the rest of my siblings were single at the time except for my oldest sister. I helped my siblings do the farming and find a sell firewood to Chinese businessmen in Prey Veng.

Boeng Snaor village, where I live, was big, with nearly 100 families. They lived in Thnaot Chroh, Prum Khsach and other communes. In my commune, Kampong Trabek, there were only tow families, my aunt’s and my mother’s. There were three or for families in another village and a family in another village. Most of us were farmers and some earned enough to support themselves while others went to earn money in Phnom Penh and returned home during the rainy season. There was also plenty of fish in a lake and we caught them using Ang-rot, a king of fish trap in the shape of a basket with a hole at the small end. There were fish, crabs and snails.


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